Our youth ministries seek to provide an environment where students can explore what it means to be children of God and grow to understand their purpose in life.  Youth meet and walk with other students who are in the same stage of life, as well as caring adults who serve as guides, mentors, and coaches for them. We as a church care deeply about our youth and we also recognize the role that families and specifically parents have in the lives of students. Therefore, we seek to be a resource for parents.  Our youth ministries strive to develop a holistic approach to ministry where students, parents, and church all contribute to the spiritual development of youth and their families.


6th - 12th Grade

At Faith CRC we want our youth to know how to explain and live out their faith according to the teachings of the Bible.  We offer Catechism classes for 6th through 12th grade youth after the Sunday morning worship service.  We use the Heidelberg Catechism, an excellent summary of Scripture that came out of the Reformation of the 16th century, as a guide to help us understand what the Bible teaches us to believe and do.

The Forge

6th - 8th Grade

While our lives may be a little crazy at times, The Forge is a safe place where middle school youth can have fun, and grow deeper in understanding of who God is and how He acts in their lives. We encourage, nurture, and equip our students on their faith journey by using a variety of biblical lessons, activities, and events.

Youth Waiver - must be filled out annually (covers all youth ministries)

The Gathering

9th - 12th Grade

At The Gathering, high school students learn together in community so they may grow in their walk with Christ and grow in their relationships with each other.  Our goal is to create a space to grow deeper in the Christian faith and see that faith spread into our entire lives inside and outside of the church.

Youth Waiver - must be filled out annually (covers all youth ministries)